Mayoral year comes to an end

Well my Mayoral year came to an end on Wednesday, and at the Annual Meeting Cllr Sue Hodder was elected as my successor. I would like to to congratulate her on being elected. Being the outgoing mayor involved making a retiring speech to council and below is the speech I made. I’ve had a great time but now its all over I hope to get some much needed rest, and do things I haven’t been able to do for a while!

Madam Mayor, firstly I would like to congratulate you on your election as Mayor.

I know that you’ll make a fantastic ambassador for the Town and serve with great distinction over the next year.

You are now at the start of an amazing voyage of discovery, you will find out things you never knew before and learn a great deal about Alton.

Serving as Mayor of Alton has been a great privilege, and every day I have served in this role has been a wonderful honour.

The time has gone  by in a flash, it seems like only yesterday I stood here making my acceptance speech,  it has been a remarkable year, and one that I’ve enjoyed immensely.

Being mayor, you are not here to serve any sectoral or special interest, or show favour to any group but to act as a representative of Alton putting politics to one side and acting first and foremost for the people of Alton.

Over the course of the year you also get to meet many amazing people  and  see so many genuine examples of achievement by individuals and groups.

As a town it is right we recognise service, many of them have never sought recognition for their work, they just get on with it.

I also give thanks to the extraordinary generosity of people in Alton, thank you to everyone  who has supported my charity events, both the National Autistic Society and Opensight will benefit greatly. The total raised was £1400, this is an incredible total especially in these economically difficult times that we face today.

Now the mayoralty is only a success due to a number of people, and I have many people to thanks.

Madam Mayor, over the past year you have provided great support. I have valued your advice and for standing in for me on occasions. A hard hat and cherry picker spring to mind. I also want to thank my previous deputy, Cllr Eccott.

To Samantha Brown, the Mayor’s  assistant,  thank you for all your work over the past year, for your efficiency, your advice and support  to enable me to undertake the role while holding down a full time job.

To Greg Burt for your help, enthusiasm and dedication to Alton throughout my mayoral year.

Thanks also to Steve Parkinson, Ian Powell, Pat Harris and Jason Passingham.

Finally, my thanks to all my fellow councillors, chairing council meeting is never the most memorable of experiences but I would like to thank all of you for your conduct throughout the year. I may have been tough at times but fair as I believe its important as mayor to show impartiality in chairing meetings. Can I also thank you for the many kind words from members of all sides, I am deeply touched.

I am proud to have served as Town Mayor of Alton, and to have served the people of Alton.