Cllr Robert Saunders tackles litter problem

Councillor Robert Saunders and fellow Town Councillors are taking action to resolve a  long running problem of litter in Alton’s alleyways and the River Wey.

Cllr Saunders received complaints from residents of public footpaths strewn with litter, plagued with graffiti  and some almost impassable due to overgrown vegetation.

Cllr Saunders said “like all local authorities East Hampshire is facing even more government cuts which means it is very difficult to get any additional resources. However, I will continue to work with the Council and local residents to tackle the problem. I have spoken to officers at East Hampshire District Council and urged them to take immediate action and to ensure sites are  cleared regularly in future”.Cllr Saunders is calling on residents not to carelessly throw away their litter in the streets or into the River Wey.Cllr Saunders said: “Where there are litter bins, people need to use them. If there are no litter bins immediately available, then people just need to carry the rubbish until one is.

“People shouldn’t be throwing their litter away.

“We all have a responsibility to keep our communities clean and if we don’t there are very clear environmental repercussions.”

If you know of any  litter hotspots please email me (with photographs if possible)