Alton Speedwatch

speedSpeedwatch, a scheme that allows the public to get actively involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through their neighborhoods, is coming to Alton.

Alton is to be part of a Speedwatch scheme that also includes Binsted, Beech and Four Marks. Each of the four councils is contributing £500 towards the purchase of the necessary equipment, with the Police contributing the rest.

As part of the scheme, volunteers are trained to use speed indicator devices which display vehicle speed.

This equipment should be available shortly and Alton Town Council is inviting anyone interested in becoming a Speedwatch volunteer to come to a meeting to find out more.

Chairman of the Town Council’s Planning and Transportation Committee, Cllr Matthew Bayliss, said “Speedwatch is about helping to educate motorists in relation to speeding around the town. There appears to be a good deal of local interest in the scheme and, by joining with other councils, we have been able to share the cost.”

The Speedwatch meeting takes place in at the Town Hall on 19 November at 6pm.