Education to be studied at next Alton Community Forum

Competition for school places in Alton and the surrounding area will be up for discussion at the next Community Forum held in the village.

There are concerns over the capacity and allocation of schools in the area, particularly in the light of new developments and a rising local population putting pressure on school places.

The Forum, run by East Hampshire District Council, will be joined by Martin Shefferd, School Organisation Officer at Hampshire County Council, and Pam Simpson, District Manager, Education and Inclusion, who will explain the position and answer questions.

They will give a short presentation and describe how new developers could help contribute to funding and improving education in the area.

Cllr Glynis Watts, chairman of the Community Forum, said: “There is a lot of pressure for new homes to be built in the Alton area at the moment and we must make sure we have the infrastructure to accommodate the new families who move in.

“I am delighted that Martin and Pam will be able to join us at the meeting and bring detail and expertise to the discussion. I would encourage anyone who is interested in school places and education in the area to come along and join the debate.”

The Forum will also feature EHDC’s budget plans for 2015/2016, including a recommendation to freeze Council Tax again.

The Forum is to be held on Tuesday 27 January at 6.30pm, at the Alton Maltings Centre, Maltings Close, Alton, GU34 1DT.