Green, clean and cheap to run – East Hants leads the way on electric vehicles

Adam Carew E-up!The first few electric car charging points are to be installed across the district as East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) promotes the use of clean and sustainable energy.

The aim is to roll out a comprehensive network of strategically placed charging points to encourage motorists to switch to low-carbon electric vehicles. The first are expected to be installed by Easter 2016.

East Hampshire District Council Environment spokesperson Adam Carew announced the initiative. He said: “I am thrilled by this decision.  Electric vehicles are green, clean and cheap to run.

“East Hampshire is determined to be a leader among rural authorities in rolling out a programme of electric vehicle charging points and by partnering with local communities and businesses we can ensure we have as wide a network as possible.

“Transport-related carbon emissions in East Hants are currently the second highest out of all districts in Hampshire, to date there is only one charging point in the district.  We want to change all that.

“One of the biggest barriers to people and businesses owning e-vehicles is the lack of a charging network. By providing a network of charging points in key locations across the district more people will be able to switch to these ultra-low emission vehicles.

“E-cars are the future, not only are they are environmentally friendly, but they are fun to drive and surprisingly nippy.”

The government would like to see 60 per cent of new vehicles to be electric by 2030, and electric vehicle sales have soared by 300 per cent in the last year alone.

EHDC plans to become one of the greenest councils in the country and has adopted an energy strategy that will create a low-carbon, energy efficient, economically vibrant community. The car charging network is the first of many initiatives that will help people make environmentally better choices in their day-to-day lives.

If you drive an electric vehicle, or are thinking of installing a charge point for your business,  get in touch with EHDC’s Energy Strategy Manager Jane Devlin by email See EHDC’s energy strategy for yourself at www.easthants/